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This is my little website/wiki. Here I'll try to gather all kind of interesting stuff may it be for publication or just for myself. You may also be interested in my weblog. On one sunny day I might also start posting to my Twitter account. I hope to be able to fill this place with useful content in the future. (Failed so far (^_-))

To propagate links here are a few personal details ;). I am a more or less active member of the German Pirate Party (http://piratenpartei.de/, German). I live in Ingolstadt (Bavaria), so here is the link to the bavarian party website: http://piratenpartei-bayern.de (German). Of course we also have a Linux User Group here: (http://www.lug-in.de/, German). I am also a fan of fantasy and science fiction, may it be literature or in any other form. Even if I am less active in the past years also pen & paper role playing counts in.

Me on Twitter

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Ongoing Topics

Here are a few current topics that may be interesting, but be aware that some of that stuff is only for my personal information collection:

Just Bookmarks

Without the links from above.

Please look for my Bookmarks.

Changes on the website


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