This is my little website/wiki. Here I'll try to gather all kind of interesting stuff may it be public or just for myself. You may also be interested in my weblog. I hope to be able to fill this place with useful content in the future.

To propagate links here are a few personal details ;). I am a more or less active member of the Pirate Party in Germany (http://piratenpartei.de/, German), and as I live in Ingolstadt (Bavaria) here the link to the bavarian portion: http://piratenpartei-bayern.de (German). I am also a big fan of fantasy and science fiction, may it be literature or in any other form. Even if I am less active in the past years also pen & paper role playing counts in. For that I am a member of SFFI (Science Fiction and Fantasy Friends Ingolstadt - http://sffi.de/, German), we have a sometimes quite active forum (https://forum.sffi.de/, German).

Current Topics

Here are a few current topics that may be interesting:

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